About FirefighterMedic

Service to other is life’s highest calling

There are so many rewarding things about a job in emergency services, but far & away the most important thing we have found is the opportunity to be of service to others during their time of need. Similar to the joy you may experience as you mature and find that gift GIVING is more fun that gift receiving, putting yourself in the service of others provides you with an internal reward that far exceeds any monetary compensation that you may have received with other jobs. Simply put, this is one of the most important things you can do in your entire life. There is a difference between showing up to work versus pursuing a life calling – and this is it!

Personal development trumps job acquisition

We have found that when candidates place the proper emphasis on growth and development as a healthcare & emergency services professional, that they tend to rise to the top of their hiring class and are on the job before they know it. Compare this to the candidate that places all of their emphasis on simply applying for every job they can find while skipping through the hard work of running calls, putting in their time, and in-depth study of important topics and it’s no comparison: The quality candidate makes the effort to grow, while the subpar candidate is concerned only with getting a job. We believe there is an important difference in these two approaches and strive to help those dedicated to continual personal & professional development.

A commitment to growth requires honest self-evaluation

To grow and to change can be difficult, and in order to tackle the challenges that the candidate will face during their career journey, we believe they must posses an inner strength and willingness to conduct honest self-evaluations. We exist to help forge every willing individual into an Elite candidate that stands head and shoulders above their competition when they are ready for the job market. We believe this is possible because of our system of feedback mechanisms that are specifically designed for each candidate as they move through each stage of their career journey.

Mentorship DOES make a difference

There is nothing so obvious as how meaningful the help from a mentor can be once you are on the receiving end of timely advice: with just a few minutes of conversation, a mentor can help direct your career journey in such a way that you can literally shave YEARS of misguided effort and time from your life. When you are starting out in a new field, you simply don’t know what you don’t know! By taking advantage of the perspective that the founders have gained through their years on the job, you can jump-start your career journey by creating focused goals & benchmarks to work towards while you pursue your dream job.

Leave things better than you found them

This is a commonly heard theme that you will no doubt learn during your career in emergency services, and one that we believe in very deeply as well. If every individual truly approached each day on the job with this mindset, and approached their career with this goal, we believe that the result would be a system of professionals that could make a tremendously positive impact on the lives of the people that they serve. At FirefighterMedic we strive to make the lives of those that we touch better for having found the helpful advice of career mentors, thus creating a highly qualified candidate moving forward.

Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously

While we spend our fair share of time hammering away at how to observe the important nuances of fire service culture, it’s valuable to remember one thing: to have fun!  If you spend more than a day with or around Firefighters and you’re not having a good time, then maybe this career isn’t for you.  We find reporting to duty becomes much more than just a job when you can enjoy the things you do and the people that you do them with.  When you check your ego at the door and begin to look at everything you encounter as an opportunity to learn, you’ll find it easy to laugh at yourself and start to experience the fire service in a meaningful and positive way.