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  • Wagon

    (1) Water supply piece of apparatus in a two-piece engine company. (2) Special piece of fire apparatus that carries a large quantity of hose.

  • Wall Hydrant

    Hydrant that protrudes through the wall of a building or pump house.

  • Wall-indicator valve

    Type of control valve for sprinkler systems that is mounted to an outside wall and indicates "open" or "shut" in an indicator window on the valve body.

  • Warning Devices

    Any audible or visual devices, such as flashing lights, sirens, horns, or bells, added to an emergency vehicle to gain the attention of drivers of other vehicles.

  • Warning Lights

    Lights on the apparatus designed to attract the attention of other motorists.

  • Waste Line

    Hoseline that is tied off or otherwise secured and is used to handle water in excess of that being used during a relay operation. Also known as a Dump Line.

  • Watch out situations

    A list of 18 situations for firefighters to be aware of, which signal potential hazards on the fire line

  • Water Curtain

    Fan-shaped stream of water applied between a fire and an exposed surface to prevent the surface from igniting from radiated heat.

  • Water curtain nozzle

    A nozzle designed to throw a fan of water droplets to form a "curtain" in an attempt to reduce the risk of radiated heat igniting a nearby exposure.

  • Water Department

    Municipal authority responsible for the water supply system in a given community.

  • Water Distribution System

    System designed to supply water for residential, commercial, industrial, and/or fire protection purposes. This water supply is delivered through a network of piping and pressure-developing equipment.

  • Water drop

    A forest fire fighting technique when an airplane (also called an "airtanker") or helicopter drops a supply of water or other fire suppressant onto an exposed fire from above.

  • Water flow alarm

    An audible alarm indicating that one or more sprinkler heads have been activated. "Flow" is often detected by a change in pressure, subjecting these systems to false alarms if anything affects the water pressure feeding the system, however transient.

  • Water Hammer

    Force created by the rapid deceleration of water. It generally results from closing a valve or nozzle too quickly.

  • Water hammer

    Large, damaging shock wave in a water supply system caused by shutting a valve quickly, or by permitting a vehicle to drive across an unprotected fire hose.

  • Water Main

    Principal pipe in a system of pipes for conveying water, especially one installed underground

  • Water Main

    Principal pipe in a system of pipes for conveying water, especially one installed underground

  • Water mist fire suppression

    A sprinkler-like system that uses a very fine mist featuring much lower water flow than conventional sprinklers to suppress, rather than extinguish a fire.[18]

  • Water Shuttle Operations

    Method of water supply by which tenders/tankers continuously transport water between a fill site and the dump site located near the emergency scene.

  • Water Supply

    Any source of water available for use in fire fighting operations.

  • Water Supply Pumper

    Pumper that takes water from a source and sends it to attack pumpers operating at the fire scene.

  • Water Tank

    Water storage receptacle carried directly on the apparatus. NFPA 1901 specifies that Class A pumpers must carry at least 500 gallons. Also called Booster Tank.

  • Water tender

    Any ground vehicle capable of transporting specified quantities of water.

  • Water tender or tanker

    A vehicle that contains a substantial tank of water and perhaps a pump, primarily for drafting or bulk transfer to a portable water tank.

  • Water tender or Water tanker

    Large, mobile tank of water or other firefighting agent

  • Water Thief

    This variation of a wye adapter has three gated outlets, usually two 1 1/2-inch outlets and one 2 1/2-inch outlet. There is a single inlet for 2 1/2-inch or larger hose.

  • Water thief (valve)

    Type of gated wye having one or more outlets smaller than the largest outlet.

  • Water Tower

    Aerial device primarily intended for deploying an elevated master stream. Not generally intended for climbing operations. Also known as an Elevating Master Stream Device.

  • Waterway

    Path through which water flows within a hose or pipe.

  • watt

    A unit of electric energy obtained by multiplying amperes times volts.

  • watt-seconds

    Units of electric energy expressed as watts delivered for 1 second; joules.

  • Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)

    Any weapon or device that is intended or has the capability to cause death or serious bodily injury to a significant number of people through the release, dissemination, or impact of toxic or poisonous chemicals or their precursors, a disease Read on! →