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Category: Building Construction

  • Assembly

    Two or more interconnected structural components combined to meet a specific function or design requirement. (Roof Trusses, Wall Frames, Doors including their frames)

  • Attic

    An open space between the roof and ceiling of a building. Providing an open space for fire to burn undetected or spread throughout a structure.

  • Balloon Frame

    A type of wood-frame construction in which the studs in exterior walls extend from the basement or foundation to the roof. This type of construction allows fires to spread undetected from the basement to the attic through the hollow walls.

  • Bar Joist

    A joist constructed of steel with bars in the vertical web space. A Common structural component in office buildings and other commercial structures. Very high strength to weight ratio except when exposed to heat, in which early failure is likely.

  • Beam

    A horizontal structural component subjected to vertical loads. Typical beams are steel or large dimension wood members.

  • Bowstring Truss

    A roof assembly with a curved (Arched) top chord and a horizontal bottom chord. These assemblies are very strong except when exposed to direct flame contact when catastrophic failure with out warning may occur.

  • Butterfly Roof

    A V-Shaped roof in which the two sides slope toward a valley in the middle. An unusual type of roof that is rarely seen in cold climates where snow load is a factor.

  • Cantilever

    A beam that is unsupported at one or both ends. typically used to support balconies or apartments and some office buildings.

  • Cantilever walls

    Walls that extend beyond the structure that supports them

  • Cast Iron

    Rarely used in modern construction, typically found in older buildings. Commonly used as an exterior surface cover fastened to the masonry wall on the front of the building. May crack or shatter when heated and rapidly cooled. Primary concern for Read on! →

  • Chord

    The main structural members of a truss as distinguished from diagonals. Chords span open space between the upper and lower diagonal members in a truss assembly.

  • Cockloft

    An open space between the roof and ceiling of a commercial or industrial building. Usually found under flat or nearly flat roofs. In a fire, these spaces act in much the same way as attics.