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Category: EMS

  • a

    a prefix that means not or without.

  • abdomen

    area below diaphragm containing stomach, liver, and bowel etc.

  • abdominal

    Pertaining to the abdomen.

  • abduct

    To draw away from.

  • abduction

    Move away from.

  • abnormality

    Being abnormal or malformed.

  • abortion

    The premature expulsion of the embryo or fetus.

  • abrasion

    Scraping off of some of the epidermis.

  • abruptio placenta

    Premature separation of placenta from uterine wall, with massive hemorrhage, usually during the third trimester. A small degree of abruption without bleeding occurs in most pregnancies.

  • abscess

    A collection of pus, usually in a sac.

  • absolute refractory period

    Phase of cardiac repolarization, wherein the heart muscle cannot be stimulated to depolarize. There are two main periods

  • absorption

    Passage of a substance thru a membrane into blood.