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  • Accelerator

    Device, usually in the form of a foot pedal, used to control the speed of a vehicle by regulating the fuel supply

  • Acceptance Testing (Proof Test)

    Preservice tests on fire apparatus or equipment performed at the factory or after delivery to assure the purchaser that the apparatus or equipment meets bid specifications.

  • Accessibility

    Ability of fire apparatus to get close enough to a building to conduct emergency operations.

  • Accident

    Unplanned, uncontrolled event that results from unsafe acts of people and/or unsafe occupational conditions, either of which can result in injury.

  • Adapter

    Fitting for connecting hose couplings with dissimilar threads but with the same inside diameter.

  • Adjustable Flow Nozzle

    Nozzle designed so that the amount of water flowing through the nozzle can be increased or decreased at the nozzle.

  • Aerial Apparatus

    Fire fighting vehicle equipped with a hydraulically operated ladder or elevating platform for the purpose of placing personnel and/or water streams in elevated positions.

  • Aerial Device

    General term used to describe the hydraulically operated ladder or elevating platform attached to a specially designed fire apparatus.

  • Aerial Ladder

    Power-operated (usually hydraulically) ladder mounted on a special truck chassis.

  • Aerial Ladder Platform

    Power-operated (usually hydraulically) ladder with a passenger-carrying device attached to the end of the ladder.

  • Agent

    Generic term used for materials that are used to extinguish fires.

  • Air Cascade System

    Three or more large air cylinders, each usually with a capacity of 300 cubic feet, from which SCBA cylinders are recharged.