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  • Aerial canopy

    Fuel type consisting of trees having few low branches, making it less susceptible to ignition by low-intensity fires.

  • Aerial firefighting (or Air attack)

    Use of aircraft in support of ground resources to combat wildfires, often most effective in initial attack in light fuels.

  • Air drop

    Delivery of supplies or retardant from the air. Supplies can be dropped by parachute. Retardant is dropped in a single "salvo" or one or more "trails", the size of which is determined by the wind and the volume, speed and Read on! →

  • Air operations

    Group tasked with coordinating aerial-based observation, supply, rescue and suppression at a wildfire.

  • Air Tactical Group Supervisor or Air Attack

    Coordinates air resources for attack of a fire.

  • Airtanker

    Fixed-wing aircraft certified by FAA as being capable of transport and delivery of 600 to 3,0000 gallons of water or other liquid or powder fire retardants. Formerly referred to as "borate bombers" before borate-based retardants became less desirable. Often accompanied Read on! →

  • Anchor point

    An advantageous location, usually a barrier to fire spread, from which to start constructing a fireline. The anchor point is used to minimize the chance of being flanked (or outflanked) by the fire while the line is being constructed.

  • Backburn

    Precautionary fire set downwind of main fire for controlled fuel clearing by "backing" it into the main fire, similar to burnout, below, which occurs adjacent to control line.

  • Backfire

    A fire set along the inner edge of a fireline to consume the fuel in the path of a wildfire and/or change the direction or force of the fire?s convection column.

  • Bambi bucket

    collapsible bucket for lifting and moving water or other fire retardant with a helicopter. (Note: The name was in use many years before the trademark owner claimed it in 1983.)

  • Barrier

    Any obstruction to the spread of fire. Typically an area or strip devoid of combustible fuel.

  • Base

    (1) staging and/or command center location for fire operations