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  • apical

    Pertaining to or located at the apex of the heart.

  • apical pulse

    Pulse obtained by auscultating or palpating over the apical portion of the heart.

  • apnea

    Absence of breathing, respiratory arrest.

  • apothecary system

    A pre-metric system of weights and liquid measures utilizing pounds, pints, quarts, fluid ounces, fluidrams, minims,ounces, drams, and grains.

  • appendicitis

    Inflammation of the appendix.

  • appendix

    Wormlike structure attached to the cecum, in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. Rarely, can be located on the patients left.

  • aqueous humor

    The thin, clear, fluid in the anterior chamber of the eye.

  • arachnoid

    Middle meningeal membrane that is highly vascularized and looks like a web of blood vessels.

  • arrest

    A stoppage, usually referring to pulse or respiration.

  • arrhythmia

    A disturbance in the normal rhythm of the heart.

  • arterial blood

    Oxygenated blood.

  • arteriole

    A smaller artery that carries oxygenated blood.