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  • ac

    Abbreviation meaning "before meals."

  • acetabulum

    Boney pelvic cavity in which head of femur rotates.

  • acetone breath

    Sweet breath odor found in starvation or diabetic ketoacidosis.

  • acetylcholine

    Chemical mediator of the parasympathetic nervous system. abbreviated ACH

  • acid

    A solution with a pH less than 7.0, a solution with more hydrogen ions than hydroxyl ions.

  • acidosis

    Acid-base imbalance of the body characterized by a pH less than 7.35.

  • acquired immunodeficency syndrome (AIDS)

    A blood bourne viral illness (HIV) characterized by severe impairment of the body’s immune defense system.

  • activated charcoal

    A substance used to absorb ingested poisons. Does not work with oils, metals (iron, lithium, lead, copper, mercury) or alcohols (ethyl, methyl, isopropal).

  • acute

    Having rapid onset, severe symptoms, and usually, short duration.

  • acute abdomen

    Irritation of the peritoneal lining. Often a surgical emergency.

  • acute myocardial infarction (AMI)

    Death (necrosis) of myocardial tissue caused by coronary artery occlusion.

  • acute respiratory insufficiency

    Any condition in which breathing is inadequate to supply oxygen to or remove carbon dioxide from body tissues. Lab