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  • ad lib

    An abbreviation meaning "as desired".

  • addiction

    compulsive, physical dependence fo subtance.

  • adduction

    Movement toward the median line of the body.

  • adrenal gland

    Small pair of glands situated on the kidneys. They produce steroid hormones such as aldosterone, androgens, glucocorticoids, progestins, estrogens. They also produce catecholamines such as epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

  • Adrenalin

    A trade name for epinephrine. A medication used in cardiac arrest, allergic reactions, and occasionally for asthma in the young.

  • adrenergic

    Referring to the sympathetic nervous system. It derives from the word Adrenalin (by the kidney).

  • adsorption

    Adherence of a substance onto the surface of another.

  • afebrile

    Without fever.

  • afterbirth


  • agglutination

    Clumping together of red blood cells. Usually due to antibodies cross-linking RBCs together. See hemolytic reaction. (it is not clotting!)

  • agonal

    Pertaining to the period of dying. Generally slow and inadequate breaths or heart beats.

  • agonist

    To activate or stimulate. To bind and activate a receptor site.