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  • air embolism

    An air or gas bubble introduced into the blood circulation. If large (>250cc) can kill an adult.

  • air hunger

    Another term for dyspnea, esp. more severe.

  • alcoholic

    Pertaining to or containing alcohol; one addicted to alcohol.

  • alimentary tract

    The digestive tract as a whole.

  • alkaline

    In chemistry having a pH greater than 7.0; in human physiology, having a pH greater than 7.45.

  • alkalosis

    An abnormal condition of acid-base balance where the body is too alkaine.

  • allergen

    Substance that produces allergic responses in patients.

  • allergy

    Susceptibility to substance that causes adverse symptoms.

  • alopecia


  • alpha particle

    Positively-charged subatomic particle.

  • alpha receptor

    A site located in the walls of small arteries and veins that, when stimulated by alpha (sympathetic) drugs,causes the vessels to constrict.

  • alpha stimulator

    Drug or hormone that activates alpha receptors, e.g., norepinephrine.