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  • ALS

    An abbreviation for advanced life support. It is generally more advanced skills and medications.

  • alternating current (AC)

    House and street electrical systems. An electric current sine wave whose direction reverses. Usually 60 times a second in the US.

  • alveoli

    The saccular units at the end of the bronchioles responsible for O2, Nitrogen and CO2 gas exchange with the blood stream..

  • amenorrhea

    Absence of menstruation.

  • AMI

    An abbreviation for acute myocardial infarction.

  • aminophylline

    Drug used to relax smooth muscle in air passages. Class is

  • amnesia

    Loss of memory.

  • amniotic fluid

    Clear watery fluid surrounding the fetus in the uterus.

  • amniotic sac

    Sac that holds the fetus suspended in amniotic fluid. Bag of waters.

  • amobarbital

    A barbiturate sedative hypnotic drug.

  • amplitude

    Height, usually of an ECG wave or complex or any signal.

  • ampule

    A sealed glass container of sterile medication.