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ge offers nine, sixteen week courses.  During inter-session (The break between the fall and Spring Semester)  Miramar College offers two sessions.  During the summer, there are five, eight week courses offered. In addition, we offer short term EMT Classes over a four-week period.  (M-TH, 8am – 5pm)


How many weeks is the EMT class?

Fall and Spring: Sixteen Weeks & 4 week courses

Inter-session: Three Weeks

Summer: Eight Weeks


What are the prerequisites for the EMT 105 course?

You must possess and show proof of a BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR (American Heart Association) and/or a CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer.  This requirement must be completed prior to attending the course and will be checked the first day of the course.  You will be automatically dropped from the course without proof, no exceptions.  In addition, you must have a current Immunization card, TB Exam within the last 6 months prior to the start of class.  Immunizations must include proof of immunity to Hepatitis B, Rubella, Rubeola, Mumps and Vericella.


Where can I obtain the required CPR prerequisite?

Any hospital or San Diego Fire Department 619-563-6161


Are there additional requirements for the course outside of normal class hours?

Yes, all students are required to complete an 8-hour ambulance ride-a-long and an 8-hour hospital clinical time.  This clinical time will be coordinated for you once you have completed enough lecture and lab time to be integrated in the clinical environment.


How many hours of study time should I anticipate?

EMT is a very difficult course that moves quickly through a lot of material in a short amount of time.  You should plan for a minimum of 6-8 hours per week of intense study time.


Can I purchase books and supplies in advance?

Yes, you may do so through the Miramar College Bookstore.  The Miramar Bookstore does provide a temporary bookstore location at NTC during the first class meeting.


Do I need a uniform for the course?

Uniforms, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, penlights & pocket masks are purchased through Fire ETC located at 2190 Main St., San Diego(619) 525-7286.


1. One pair of Navy trousers, two light blue shirts & black belt


2. Penlight, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, pocket mask & carrying case


     3. The total cost for these items is: $116.00


  1. 2.Black steel-toed boots are suggested for the ride-alongs and required for EMT and fire personnel $85.00. Black leather boots or black sport shoes are acceptable.

  2. 3.

Students are also required to have a student ID  provided by Miramar (Admissions Office).


Do I need a parking permit for NTC?

No, parking is free.


Are there additional fees for the course?

In addition to the prerequisite for the course, you must pay a $100 skills testing fee at the end of the semester, a $7 insurance fee for the Ride-a-Long/Clinical experience and a National Registration EMT Certification Fee, once the course is complete.