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  • paraplegia

    The loss of both motion and sensation in the legs and lower part of the body, most commonly caused by damage to the spinal cord.

  • parasympathetic nervous system

    A subdivision of the autonomic nervous system, involved in control of involuntary, vegetative functions, mediated largely by the vagus nerve through the chemical acetylcholine.

  • parenchyma

    The substance of a gland or solid organ.

  • parenteral

    The administration of a medication or fluid by means other than through the digestive tract, e.g., intravenous, intramuscular.

  • paresis


  • paresthesia

    An abnormal sensation, often of the pins-and-needles variety, indicating disturbance in nerve function.

  • parietal lobe

    The portion of the brain containing sensory areas and areas of muscle control.

  • parietal pleura

    The membrane lining the inside of the chest wall and the pericardium.

  • paroxysm

    A sudden and intense recurrence of symptoms.

  • paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (PND)

    A severe shortness of breath occurring at night after several hours of recumbency, during which fluid pools in the lungs. The patient is forced to sit up to breathe. It is caused by left heart failure.

  • Partition wall

    Interior non-load bearing wall that separates a space into rooms.

  • parturition

    The act of giving birth.

  • Party Wall

    A wall shared by two adjoining buildings; usually a load-bearing wall that is also a fire wall. the failure of a roof assembly attached to a party wall can affect the structural integrity of the adjoining building.

  • PASS device, personal alert safety system

    An alarm device that signals that a firefighter is in trouble. It can be activated manually by the firefighter, or activates automatically if the firefighter stops moving. May be integral to SCBA or separately activated. Also known as an #ADSU Read on! →

  • Passport (accountability)

    System in which each firefighter has an identification document that is collected by the person in charge of accounting for the respective individuals in a dangerous area, and returned to the firefighter when he or she leaves the dangerous area.

  • patch

    A connection between a telephone line and radio communications system, enabling a caller to get "on the air" by dialing into a special phone.

  • patella

    The small, flat bone that protects the knee joint; the knee cap.

  • patent

    Open, unobstructed.

  • pathogenic

    Capable of causing a disease process.

  • pathognomonic

    A symptom or sign that is sufficiently characteristic of a disease process to make a diagnosis possible on the basis of that finding alone.

  • pathologic

    Indicative of or caused by a morbid condition.

  • Pattern

    Shape of the water stream as it is discharged from a fog nozzle.

  • pc

    An abbreviation meaning "after meals".

  • PCO2

    The symbol for the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in a gas. A waste gas produced by cellular metabolism.

  • peak flow

    A useful measurement of airway function. The test is performed by having the patient forcefully exhale into a meter. The resulting number (liters per minute) correlates well with airway function. Often the best of three readings is used. Very accurate Read on! →

  • Peak Hourly Consumption

    Maximum amount of water used during any hour of a day.

  • pedal

    Pertaining to the foot.

  • pediatrics

    A medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of children.

  • PEEP

    An abbreviation for positive end-expiratory pressure.

  • pelvic girdle

    The large bone that arises in the area of the last nine vertebrae and sweeps around to form a complete ring.

  • pelvis

    The lower bony structure of the trunk.

  • Penciling

    The penciling technique is created by adjusting the nozzle to a straight stream pattern and using series of short bursts of water directed at burning materials. This helps reduce the production of flammable gases by cooling the burning walls and Read on! →