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  • agonal

    Pertaining to the period of dying. Generally slow and inadequate breaths or heart beats.

  • agonist

    To activate or stimulate. To bind and activate a receptor site.

  • Air Cascade System

    Three or more large air cylinders, each usually with a capacity of 300 cubic feet, from which SCBA cylinders are recharged.

  • Air Chamber

    Chamber filled with air that eliminates pulsations caused by the operation of piston or rotary-gear pumps.

  • Air drop

    Delivery of supplies or retardant from the air. Supplies can be dropped by parachute. Retardant is dropped in a single "salvo" or one or more "trails", the size of which is determined by the wind and the volume, speed and Read on! →

  • air embolism

    An air or gas bubble introduced into the blood circulation. If large (>250cc) can kill an adult.

  • air hunger

    Another term for dyspnea, esp. more severe.

  • Air monitoring meter

    Electronic device for measuring the presence of one or more chemicals in air, such as oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide or volatile organic compounds

  • Air operations

    Group tasked with coordinating aerial-based observation, supply, rescue and suppression at a wildfire.

  • Air pressurized water (APW) fire extinguisher

    A hand held fire extinguisher using water for the extinguishing agent which is expelled by compressed air. Wetting agents may be added to the water and AFFF foam can be used in similar extinguishers.

  • Air Tactical Group Supervisor or Air Attack

    Coordinates air resources for attack of a fire.

  • Air-Aspirating Foam Nozzle

    Foam nozzle especially designed to provide the aeration required to make the highest quality foam possible; most effective appliance for the generation of low-expansion foam.

  • Air-Supply Unit

    Apparatus designed to refill exhausted SCBA cylinders at the scene of an ongoing emergency.

  • Airbag

    1. inflatable device used for lifting or spreading 2. vehicle safety device with potential explosion hazard during vehicle extrication if not already blown.

  • Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF)

    A special category of firefighting that involves the response, hazard mitigation, evacuation and possible rescue of passengers and crew of an aircraft involved in an airport ground emergency.

  • Airpack

    Jargon for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

  • Airtanker

    Fixed-wing aircraft certified by FAA as being capable of transport and delivery of 600 to 3,0000 gallons of water or other liquid or powder fire retardants. Formerly referred to as "borate bombers" before borate-based retardants became less desirable. Often accompanied Read on! →

  • Alarm

    (1) system for detecting and reporting unusual conditions, such as smoke, fire, flood, loss of air, HAZMAT release, etc.; (2) a specific assignment of multiple fire companies and/or units to a particular incident, usually of fire in nature; (3) centralized Read on! →

  • alcoholic

    Pertaining to or containing alcohol; one addicted to alcohol.

  • alimentary tract

    The digestive tract as a whole.

  • alkaline

    In chemistry having a pH greater than 7.0; in human physiology, having a pH greater than 7.45.

  • alkalosis

    An abnormal condition of acid-base balance where the body is too alkaine.

  • All companies working

    Status report at fire scene indicating that available manpower is busy, and more resources may become necessary if incident is not controlled soon.

  • allergen

    Substance that produces allergic responses in patients.

  • allergy

    Susceptibility to substance that causes adverse symptoms.

  • alopecia


  • alpha particle

    Positively-charged subatomic particle.

  • alpha receptor

    A site located in the walls of small arteries and veins that, when stimulated by alpha (sympathetic) drugs,causes the vessels to constrict.

  • alpha stimulator

    Drug or hormone that activates alpha receptors, e.g., norepinephrine.

  • ALS

    An abbreviation for advanced life support. It is generally more advanced skills and medications.

  • alternating current (AC)

    House and street electrical systems. An electric current sine wave whose direction reverses. Usually 60 times a second in the US.

  • alveoli

    The saccular units at the end of the bronchioles responsible for O2, Nitrogen and CO2 gas exchange with the blood stream..