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  • methanol

    Methyl alcohol; wood alcohol. It is poisonous if ingested, causing extreme metabolic acidosis.

  • metric system

    A system of weights and measures based on decimal units.

  • mg

    An abbreviation for milligram.

  • MI

    An abbreviation for myocardial infarction.

  • microdrip fluid administration set

    A set used to deliver intravenous solution or medication at a very slow rate, thus permitting accurate titration of dosage.

  • microgram

    A metric unit of weight, equal to 0.001 mg.

  • MICU

    Abbreviation for mobile intensive care unit.

  • midclavicular line

    An imaginary vertical line beginning in the middle of the clavicle and running parallel to the sternum slightly inside the nipple.

  • Midship Pump

    Fire pumps mounted at the center of the fire apparatus.

  • Military Anti-Shock Trousers (MAST)

    An inflatable garment applied around the legs and abdomen, occationally used in the treatment of shock.

  • milk

    In pharmacology, an aqueous suspension of insoluble drugs, e.g., milk of magnesia.

  • milliampere

    A unit of current, equal to 0.001 ampere.

  • milliequivalent (mEq)

    A unit of measurement for electrolytes based on chemical combining power. It is defined as the weight of a substance present in 1 ml of normal

  • milligram (mg)

    A metric weight measurement, equal to 0.001 gm.

  • milliliter (ml)

    A metric fluid measurement, equal to 0.001 liter.

  • millimeter (mm)

    A metric linear measurement, equal to 0.001 meter.

  • millimeter of mercury (mm Hg)

    A metric measurement used in determination of blood pressure; commonly referred to as torr (Torricelli unit) when used to designate gas tensions in the blood.

  • millivolt (mV)

    A unit of electric energy, equal to 0.001 volt.

  • minute volume

    The volume of air inhaled or exhaled during 1 minute, calculated by multiplying the tidal volume times the respiratory rate.

  • miosis

    Pupillary constriction.

  • Miramar Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program

    ge offers nine, sixteen week courses.  During inter-session (The break between the fall and Spring Semester)  Miramar College offers two sessions.  During the summer, there are five, eight week courses offered. In addition, we offer short term EMT Classes over Read on! →

  • Miramar Fire Technology Program

    The Mission of San Diego Miramar College Fire Technology (FIPT) and Emergency Medical Technician Programs is to provide quality education and training that will prepare students to protect lives, property and the environment. Valuing diversity as one of our greatest Read on! →

  • miscarriage

    A layman’s term for an abortion, or the premature expulsion of a nonliving fetus from the uterus.

  • missed abortion

    Fetus died at less than 20 weeks and is retained in the uterus.

  • mitral valve

    The valve located between the left atrium and the left ventricle.

  • ml

    An abbreviation for milliliter.

  • mm

    An abbreviation for millimeter.

  • mm Hg

    An abbreviation for millimeter of mercury.

  • mobile intensive care unit (MICU)

    Ambulance staffed and equipped to give advanced life support.

  • Mobile Water Supply Apparatus

    Fire apparatus with a water tank of 1,000 gallons or larger whose primary purpose is transporting water. May also carry a pump, some hose, and other equipment. Also Tenders or Tankers.

  • Monitor

    Firefighting delivery that is established and left unattended. Typical uses include ground monitors, which deliver water onto large fires or provide a water curtain. Also known as deluge guns, Deck Monitors tend to be attended and deliver large water volumes Read on! →

  • Monitor

    Individual assigned to supervise an evacuation process for a specified area within a structure such as a ward monitor or floor monitor