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  • Discharge flow

    The amount of water flowing from a fire hydrant when it is opened; compare to static flow and residual flow.

  • Discharge Velocity

    Rate at which water travels from an orifice.

  • dislocation

    The disruption of the normal anatomy of a joint.

  • disorganization

    A disturbed mental state characterized by incoherence.

  • disorientation

    A disturbed mental state characterized by confusion regarding one’s relationship to either physical surroundings, time, or person.

  • Dispatch

    Refers to person or place designated for handling a call for help by alerting the specific resources necessary.

  • Displacement

    (1) Volume or weight of a fluid displaced by a floating body of equal weight. (2) Amount of water forced into the pump thus displacing air.

  • dissecting aneurysm

    An aneurysm, or bulge, formed by the separation of the layers of the arterial wall.

  • distal

    Farther from a point of reference. Generally the point of reference is the heart.

  • distention

    The state of being inflated or enlarged, particularly of the abdomen.

  • Distribution System

    That part of an overall water supply system which receives the water from the pumping station and delivers it throughout the area to be served.

  • Distributor Nozzle

    Nozzle used to create a broken stream that is usually used on basement fires.

  • Distributor pipe

    Portion of fire hydrant or sprinkler system connecting main loops to smaller loops where outlets are located.

  • diuresis

    The secretion of large amounts of urine by the kidney.

  • diuretic

    A drug used to promote elimination of excess extracellular fluid by increasing the renal secretion of urine. Diuretics are often used in the treatment of congestive heart failure.

  • Divisional valve

    A valve isolating a segment of a (usually underground) piping system. This may be useful for dealing with impairments or maintenance.

  • DOA

    Abbreviation for dead on arrival.

  • doll’s eyes

    The normal phenomenon in which the eyes move in the direction opposite to that in which the head is turned.

  • Domestic Consumption

    Water consumed from the water supply system by residential and commercial occupancies.

  • dominant pacemaker

    The sinoatrial node. Other pacemakers are normally secondary.

  • Door/Window Schedule

    Table that lists the door/window location on a plan, the dimensions of the opening, and any other construction information

  • Door/Window Schedule

    Table that lists the door/window location on a plan, the dimensions of the opening, and any other construction information

  • dorsal

    Referring to the back or posterior side of the body or an organ.

  • DOS

    Death On Scene.

  • Double female

    Fire hose adapter for connecting two "male" couplings together

  • Double male

    Hose coupling adapter with two male-threaded connectors back-to-back

  • Dozer line

    Fireline constructed by the front blade of a bulldozer or any tracked vehicle with a front mounted blade used for exposing mineral soil. Also "catline."

  • Draft

    The process of pumping water from a static source below the pump.

  • Draft

    Process of obtaining water from a static source into a pump that is above the source’s level. Atmospheric pressure on the water surface forces the water into the pump where a partial vacuum had been created.

  • Drafting

    using a suction pump to lift water from below the pump, using a semi-rigid suction hose, typically to fill a portable reservoir that has other suction pumps (to relay) or siphon hoses running downhill to their nozzles.

  • Drafting Pit

    Underground reservoir of water from which to draft for pumper testing; usually located at a training center.

  • Drain Valve

    Valve on a pump discharge that facilitates the removal of pressure from a hoseline after the discharge has been closed.