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  • angle of Louis

    Prominence on the sternum that lies opposite the second intercostal space.

  • anion

    A negatively charged ion.

  • anisocoria

    Inequality of the size of the pupils.

  • anomaly

    Any feature that departs significantly from the normal.

  • anorexia

    Lack of appetite or lack of eating.

  • anoxia

    Lack of oxygen in the tissues.

  • antagonism

    Opposition between the effects of medications, chemicals, or biological agonists.

  • antagonist

    To block the action. To block a receptor site.

  • ante-

    A prefix meaning "before".

  • antecubital

    Situated in front of the elbow, the crease side on the forearm.

  • antegrade

    Movement or flow in a foreward direction. Movement in a normal direction.

  • antenatal

    Prior to birth.

  • antepartum

    Prior to delivery.

  • anterior

    Situated in front of or in the forward part of.

  • Anti-Electrocution Platform

    Slide-out platform mounted beneath the side running board or rear step of an apparatus equipped with an aerial device. This platform is designed to minimize the chance of the driver/operator being electrocuted should the aerial device come in contact with Read on! →

  • antiarrhythmic drugs

    Drugs given to prevent or terminate cardiac dysrhythmias.

  • antibiotic

    Agent that kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria.

  • antibody

    Protein that destroys or inactivates the antigen.

  • anticoagulant

    Substance that prevents the coagulation of blood. Examples are heparin, coumadin, Levonox (LMWH). The public calls these "blood thinners" which is a misnomer as they do not affect blood viscosity.

  • antidote

    Any agent or chemical used to counteract the injurious effects of a drug or a poison.

  • antigen

    Agent that stimulates the formation of specific protective proteins called antibodies.

  • antihypertensive agents

    Drugs used to lower and normalize blood pressure.

  • antipyretic

    A drug that reduces fever.

  • antiseptic

    A preparation that prevents the growth of bacteria.

  • antiserum

    A serum that contains antibodies against a specific disease-producing agent.

  • anus

    The circular ring of muscle at the outlet of the rectum.

  • anxiety

    A feeling of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear.

  • aorta

    Largest artery in the body, originating from the left ventricle.

  • aortic arch

    Portion of the aorta that curves and begins to descend.

  • apathy

    Lack of feeling or interest.

  • apex of the heart

    The caudal end of the ventricles. The bottom most pointy part of the heart.

  • Apgar score

    A method of assessing the newborn. 10 is the best, 0 is very bad.