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Category: EMS Definitions

  • white blood cell

    Leukocyte; the cellular element of the blood that produces antibodies and participates in the inflammatory response.

  • willis, circle of

    Arterial loop under brain that is responsible for autoregulation and constant perfusion of cerebral arteries.

  • withdrawal

    Symptoms produced by abstinence from a drug to which one is addicted.

  • xiphoid

    The small, cartilaginous, and bony portion of the sternum attached to the lower end of the body of the sternum.

  • Xylocaine

    A trade name for lidocaine.

  • zygoma

    The cheek bone.

  • vulva

    The external parts of the female genitalia.

  • watt

    A unit of electric energy obtained by multiplying amperes times volts.

  • watt-seconds

    Units of electric energy expressed as watts delivered for 1 second; joules.

  • wheeze

    A high-pitched, whistling sound characterizing obstruction or spasm of the lower airways.

  • volume expander

    An intravenous fluid that stays in the vascular space, usually a colloid or crystalloid.

  • voluntary commitment

    A situation in which a patient signs himself into a psychiatric facility of his own free will.