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Category: firefighter

  • Wetting Agent

    Chemical solution added to water to reduce its surface tension and improve its penetrating ability; detergent is a mild form of wetting agent.

  • Wildland Fire Apparatus

    A fire apparatus that is designed especially for use in fighting wildland fires.

  • Winch

    Pulling tool that consists of a length of steel chain or cable wrapped around a motor-driven drum. These are most commonly attached to the front or rear of a vehicle.

  • Woven-Jacket Hose

    Fire hose constructed with one or two outer jackets woven on looms from cotton or synthetic fibers.

  • Wye

    Hose appliance with one female inlet and two or more male outlets, usually gated.

  • Water Supply

    Any source of water available for use in fire fighting operations.

  • Water Supply Pumper

    Pumper that takes water from a source and sends it to attack pumpers operating at the fire scene.

  • Water Tank

    Water storage receptacle carried directly on the apparatus. NFPA 1901 specifies that Class A pumpers must carry at least 500 gallons. Also called Booster Tank.

  • Water Thief

    This variation of a wye adapter has three gated outlets, usually two 1 1/2-inch outlets and one 2 1/2-inch outlet. There is a single inlet for 2 1/2-inch or larger hose.

  • Water Tower

    Aerial device primarily intended for deploying an elevated master stream. Not generally intended for climbing operations. Also known as an Elevating Master Stream Device.

  • Waterway

    Path through which water flows within a hose or pipe.

  • Wet Water

    Wetting agent that is introduced to water to reduce the surface tension and improve its penetration qualities.