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  • Wildland Fire Apparatus

    A fire apparatus that is designed especially for use in fighting wildland fires.

  • Winch

    Pulling tool that consists of a length of steel chain or cable wrapped around a motor-driven drum. These are most commonly attached to the front or rear of a vehicle.

  • Woven-Jacket Hose

    Fire hose constructed with one or two outer jackets woven on looms from cotton or synthetic fibers.

  • Wye

    Hose appliance with one female inlet and two or more male outlets, usually gated.

  • Water Supply

    Any source of water available for use in fire fighting operations.

  • Water Supply Pumper

    Pumper that takes water from a source and sends it to attack pumpers operating at the fire scene.

  • Water Tank

    Water storage receptacle carried directly on the apparatus. NFPA 1901 specifies that Class A pumpers must carry at least 500 gallons. Also called Booster Tank.

  • Water Thief

    This variation of a wye adapter has three gated outlets, usually two 1 1/2-inch outlets and one 2 1/2-inch outlet. There is a single inlet for 2 1/2-inch or larger hose.

  • Water Tower

    Aerial device primarily intended for deploying an elevated master stream. Not generally intended for climbing operations. Also known as an Elevating Master Stream Device.

  • Waterway

    Path through which water flows within a hose or pipe.

  • Wet Water

    Wetting agent that is introduced to water to reduce the surface tension and improve its penetration qualities.

  • Wet-Barrel Hydrant

    Fire hydrant that has water all the way up the discharge outlets. The hydrant may have separate valves for each discharge or one valve for all the discharges. This type of hydrant is only used in areas where there is Read on! →