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  • Primer Fluid Tank

    Tank of fluid used to seal and lubricate the priming pump.

  • Priming Pump

    Small positive-displacement pump used to evacuate air from a centrifugal pump housing and hard suction hose. Evacuating air allows the centrigual pump to recieve water from a static water supply source.

  • Private Connection

    Connections to water supplies other than the standard municipal water supply system; may include connection within a large industrial facility, a farm, or a private housing development.

  • Private Hydrant

    Hydrant provided on private property or on private water systems to protect private property. Also called Yard Hydrant.

  • Positive Displacement Pumps

    Self-priming pump that moves a given amount of water or hydraulic oil through the pump chamber with each stroke or rotation. These pumps are used for hydraulic pumps on aerial device hydraulic systems and for priming pumps on centrifugal fire Read on! →

  • Pounds per Square Inch (psi)

    Customary unit for measuring pressure.

  • Power Take-Off (PTO)

    Rotating shaft that transfers power from the engine to auxiliary equipment.

  • Preconnect

    (1) Attack hose connected to a discharge when the hose is loaded; this shortens the time it takes to deploy the hose for fire fighting. (2) Soft intake hose that is carried connected to the pump intake.

  • Preservice Tests

    Tests performed on fire pumps or aerial devices before they are placed into service. These tests are broken down into manufacturer’s tests, certification tests, and acceptance tests.

  • Pressure

    Force per unit area measured in psi or kPa.

  • Pressure Governor

    Pressure control device that controls engine speed and therefore eliminates hazardous conditions that result from excessive pressures.

  • Pressure Operation

    Operation of a two- (or more) stage centrifugal pump in which water passes consecutively through each impeller to provide high pressures at a reduced volume.