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Category: firefighter

  • Accident

    Unplanned, uncontrolled event that results from unsafe acts of people and/or unsafe occupational conditions, either of which can result in injury.

  • Adapter

    Fitting for connecting hose couplings with dissimilar threads but with the same inside diameter.

  • Z-adapter

    Large hose appliance for connecting supplemental pumps into long supply lines, in the form of a "Z"

  • Water tender or tanker

    A vehicle that contains a substantial tank of water and perhaps a pump, primarily for drafting or bulk transfer to a portable water tank.

  • Webbing

    A strong fabric woven into a strip. Used to drag victims, as a hose strap, or to secure objects.[19][20]

  • Water thief (valve)

    Type of gated wye having one or more outlets smaller than the largest outlet.

  • Wedges

    Wooden blocks for temporary shut-off of activated sprinkler heads or holding doors open during firefighting or rescue operations.

  • Wet pipe sprinkler system

    Sprinkler system containing pressurized water rather than air, such that water flows immediately upon release of a heat-sensitive head.

  • Triple Lay ("Triple Fold", "Triple Load")

    A method of loading preconnected attack line into a hose bed or crosslay, often facilitating rapid hose deployment in a pre-flaked configuration.

  • Wet water

    Water into which a surface tension reducing agent has been introduced. The resultant mixture, with its reduced surface tension, is more able to penetrate burning product more deeply and extinguish deep-seated fire.

  • Turnout gear

    The protective clothing worn by firefighters, made of a fire-resistant material such as Nomex or Aramid, and designed to shield against extreme heat. Sometimes called bunker gear. See PPE. Includes helmet, jacket and boots, and some departments include fire-resistant pants.

  • Wye

    hose appliance used for splitting one line into two discharges. Often a gated wye is used to allow and disallow water flow through the two separate discharges. Not to be confused with Siamese, which is used to bring two smaller Read on! →