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Category: firefighter

  • Turnout gear

    The protective clothing worn by firefighters, made of a fire-resistant material such as Nomex or Aramid, and designed to shield against extreme heat. Sometimes called bunker gear. See PPE. Includes helmet, jacket and boots, and some departments include fire-resistant pants.

  • Wye

    hose appliance used for splitting one line into two discharges. Often a gated wye is used to allow and disallow water flow through the two separate discharges. Not to be confused with Siamese, which is used to bring two smaller Read on! →

  • Turntable

    rotating base of an aerial ladder that permits the ladder to be elevated and extended in any direction from a fixed location.

  • UL listing

    A certification standard. This listing means the product has been safety certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratory.

  • Utility rope

    A rope designed for non-life safety applications. This includes hauling equipment or securing ladders, as opposed to belaying.

  • Valve

    mechanical means for stopping and starting flow in a conduit

  • Ventilation saw

    A high-powered saw with metal-cutting teeth or disc for quickly making large openings in roofing materials. Often, a chain saw with an attached guard to limit the depth of cut.

  • Wall-indicator valve

    Type of control valve for sprinkler systems that is mounted to an outside wall and indicates "open" or "shut" in an indicator window on the valve body.

  • Water curtain nozzle

    A nozzle designed to throw a fan of water droplets to form a "curtain" in an attempt to reduce the risk of radiated heat igniting a nearby exposure.

  • Task Force Tips (TFT)

    a popular brand of adjustable fog stream Combination Nozzle, now a ubiquitous term for that type of nozzle.

  • Thermal imaging camera (TIC)

    Ruggedized infrared equipment used by some firefighters to detect hidden people, animals, heat sources (i.e., fire) and structural compromise.

  • Tones

    A series of two or three musical notes, used as an auditory alert over a radio or radio-paging system to indicate that a particular fire company, district, or territory is dispatched to service on a particular incident.