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  • Trash Line

    A preconnected attack line that is typically 1?" diameter, and stored either on the front bumper of the apparatus or in an exterior (exposed) side well. Trash Lines are typically shorter length than Cross Lays, and are intended for use Read on! →

  • Triple combination engine company

    apparatus carries water, pumps water, carries hose and other equipment

  • Steamer conection

    A Siamese inlet to a standpipe or sprinkler system. Named for early application of steam engines for pumps.

  • Steamer outlet

    Large outlet of fire hydrant.

  • Storz coupling

    A type of coupling used on fire hose. The coupling is sexless, and secures with a 1/4 turn of the coupling. The coupling may or may not have some sort of locking device.

  • Straight Stream

    A fire-fighting water stream generated by a combination nozzle, characterized by a long reach and large water drops. It is essentially the narrowest of fog patterns that can be produced.

  • Strainer

    1. A large metal device attached to the end of a suction hose that prevents debris from entering the hose or the pump when drawing water from a pond or other body of water. 2. A stationary accumulation of debris Read on! →

  • Stream Straightener

    A smoothbore pipe with baffles inside of the pipe. Usually a stream straightener is used on a master stream device between the outlet housing of the device and a smooth bore tip to reduce the agitation of water traveling to Read on! →

  • Suction hose

    A large, semi-flexible and non collapsible hose used to move water from a static source such as a pond, pool or storage tank to a fire pump by means of suction. The whole process is often known as "drafting". Should Read on! →

  • Supply line, supply hose, large-diameter hose

    fire hose, usually larger than 2.5 inches (64 mm) in diameter, used to transport water from one source to another, such as from a hydrant to a fire engine or from one engine to another. Short pieces of this hose Read on! →

  • Tag accountability

    System in which each firefighter is issued two identification tags, one of which is then collected by a safety officer and held while the firefighter is in a hazardous area. To reclaim the tag, the firefighter must present the matching Read on! →

  • Water tender or Water tanker

    Large, mobile tank of water or other firefighting agent