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  • Tractor-Tiller Aerial Ladder

    Aerial ladder appartus that consists of a tractor power unit and trailer (tiller) section that contains the aerial ladder, ground ladders, and equipment storage areas. The trailer section is steered independently of the tractor by a person called the tiller Read on! →

  • Traffic Control Device

    Mechanical device that automatically changes traffic signal lights to favor the path of responding emergency apparatus.

  • Transfer Valve

    Valve used for placing multistage centrifugal pumps in volume or pressure operation.

  • Transverse Hose Bed

    Hose bed that lies acrosse the pumper body at a right angle to the main hose bed; designed to deploy preconnected attack hose to the sides of the pumper. Also called Mattydale Hose Bed.

  • Trash Line

    Small diameter, preconnected hoseline intended to be used for trash or other small, exterior fires.

  • Triple Hydrant

    Fire hydrant having three outlets, usually two 2 1/2-inch outlets and one 4 1/2-inch outlet.

  • Triple-Combination Pumper

    Fire department pumper that carries a fire pump, hose and a water tank.

  • Turret Pipe

    Large master stream appliance mounted on a pumper or trailer and connected directly to a pump. Also called a Deck Gun or Deck Pipe.

  • Two-Stage Centrifugal Pump

    Centrifugal pump with two impellers.

  • Ultimate Capacity

    Total capacity of water supply system, including residential and industrial consumption, available fire flow, and all other taxes on the system.

  • Throttle Control

    Device that controls the engine speed.

  • Tandem

    Two-axle suspension.