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Category: firefighter

  • Burn out

    Setting fire inside a control line to consume fuel between the edge of the fire and the control line.

  • Burning period

    The part of each 24-hour period when fires spread most rapidly

  • Bushfire

    A bushfire is a wildfire that occurs in the forests, scrubs, woodlands or grasslands of Australia or New Zealand.

  • Candle

    A standing tree with a broken top which often continues to burn after the main firefront has passed. Candles usually send up a fountain of sparks and burning embers which may travel some distance and be of concern if near Read on! →

  • Closed area

    An area in which specified activities or entry are temporarily restricted to reduce risk of human-caused fires.

  • Closure

    Legal restriction, but not necessarily elimination, of specified activities such as smoking, camping, or entry that might cause fires in a given area.

  • Cold trailing

    A method of controlling a partly dead fire edge by carefully inspecting and feeling with the hand for heat to detect any fire, and lining any live edge. This method is the only way to fly in the Great Basin.

  • Complex

    Two or more individual incidents located in the same general area which are assigned to a single incident commander or unified command.

  • Confine a fire

    The least aggressive wildfire suppression strategy which can be expected to keep the fire within established boundaries of constructed firelines under prevailing conditions.

  • Burning index

    relative measure of fire-control difficulty

  • Backburn

    Precautionary fire set downwind of main fire for controlled fuel clearing by "backing" it into the main fire, similar to burnout, below, which occurs adjacent to control line.

  • Backfire

    A fire set along the inner edge of a fireline to consume the fuel in the path of a wildfire and/or change the direction or force of the fire?s convection column.