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  • Zone

    Section of structure indicated on a fire alarm control panel where sensor was activated, which may also have separate HVAC and fire suppression controls. May also refer to the act of zoning a geographic area in which certain types of Read on! →

  • Wet down ceremony

    A traditional ceremony for the placing of new apparatus in service. There are several versions of this but it usually includes

  • Wildfire or Wildland fire

    Fire in forests, grasslands, prairies, or other natural areas, not involving structure fires (although wildland fires may threaten structures or vice versa – see interface zone.) For a complete list of terms used in wildland fire, see Glossary of wildland Read on! →

  • Wholetime firefighter

    (U.K.) A firefighter employed full-time by one of the 63 brigades in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Working fire

    A fire that is in the process of being suppressed. Typically reserved for a structure fire or an outside fire with a considerable fire load that requires the Incident Command System be initiated, additional support and suppression assets dispatched, and Read on! →

  • Whacker

    A person who talks a great deal about fire and being a very busy fire fighter but rarely has ever been to a working fire. The person will usually post about everything he or she does in the fire department Read on! →

  • Volunteer fire department

    An organization of part-time firefighters who may or may not be paid for on-call time or firefighting duty time, but who in nearly all states are held to the same professional training standards and take the same examinations to advance Read on! →

  • Water drop

    A forest fire fighting technique when an airplane (also called an "airtanker") or helicopter drops a supply of water or other fire suppressant onto an exposed fire from above.

  • Water hammer

    Large, damaging shock wave in a water supply system caused by shutting a valve quickly, or by permitting a vehicle to drive across an unprotected fire hose.

  • Well Involved

    Term of size-up meaning fire, heat and smoke in a structure are so widespread that internal access must wait until fire streams can be applied.

  • Vollie

    A volunteer firefighter.

  • Universal precautions

    The use of safety barriers (gloves, mask, goggles) to limit an emergency responder’s contact with contaminants, especially fluids of injured patients.