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  • Fill Site

    Location at which tankers/tenders will be loaded during a water shuttle operation.

  • Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam (FFFP)

    Foam concentrate that is based on fluoroprotein foam technology with aqueous film forming foam capabilities.

  • Finished Foam

    Completed product after the foam solution reaches the nozzle and air is introduced into the solution (aeration).

  • Fire Apparatus

    Any fire department emergency vehicle used in fire suppression or other emergency situation.

  • Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator

    Firefighter who is charged with the responsibility of operating fire apparatus to, during, and from the scene of a fire operation or any other time the apparatus is in use. Also responsible for routine maintenance of the apparatus and any Read on! →

  • Fire Boat

    Boat that carries large fire pumps and is capable of supplying boat-mounted master streams or water supply hoselines to land-based fire fighting apparatus.

  • Fire Department Connection (FDC)

    Point at which the fire department can connect into a sprinkler or standpipe system to boost the water flow in the system. Consists of a clappered siamese with two or more 2 1/2 inch intakes or one large-diameter intake.

  • Fire Department Pumper

    Piece of fire apparatus having a permanently mounted fire pump with a rated discharge capacity of 750 gpm or greater. May also carry water, hose, and other portable equipment.

  • Fire Department Water Supply Officer

    Officer in charge of all water supplies at the scene of a fire; duties include placing pumpers at the most advantageous hydrants or other water sources and directing supplementary water supplies, including water shuttles and relay pumping operations.

  • Fire Hydraulics

    Science that deals with water in motion as it applies to fire fighting operations.

  • Fire Pump

    Water pump on a piece of fire apparatus.

  • Fire Stream

    Stream of water or other water-based extinguishing agent after it leaves the fire hose and nozzle until it reaches the desired point.