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  • Unloading Site

    Place in the water shuttle operation where tankers unload their water into portable tanks. Also called the Dump Site.

  • Vacuum

    Space completely devoid of matter or pressure. In fire service terms, it is more commonly used to describe a pressure that is somewhat less than atmospheric pressure. Needed to facilitate drafting of water from a static source.

  • Valve

    Mechanical device with a passageway that controls the flow of a liquid or gas.

  • Velocity

    Speed; the rate of motion in a given direction. It is measured in feet per second, miles per hour, etc.

  • Venturi Principle

    When a fluid is forced under pressure through a restricted orifice, there is a decrease in the pressure exerted against the side of the constriction and a corresponding increase in the velocity of the fluid. Because the surrounding air is Read on! →

  • Voltmeter

    Device used for measuring the voltage existing on an electrical system.

  • Volute

    Spiral, divergent chamber of a centrifugal pump in which the velocity energy given to water by the impeller blades is converted into pressure.

  • Wagon

    (1) Water supply piece of apparatus in a two-piece engine company. (2) Special piece of fire apparatus that carries a large quantity of hose.

  • Ultimate Capacity

    Total capacity of water supply system, including residential and industrial consumption, available fire flow, and all other taxes on the system.

  • Total Pressure

    Total amount of pressure loss in a hose assembly due to friction loss in the hose and appliances, elevation losses, or any other factors.

  • Total Stopping Distance

    Sum of the driver/operator reaction distance and the vehicle braking distance.

  • Tower Ladder

    Term used to describe a telescoping aerial platform fire apparatus.