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  • Turret Pipe

    Large master stream appliance mounted on a pumper or trailer and connected directly to a pump. Also called a Deck Gun or Deck Pipe.

  • Two-Stage Centrifugal Pump

    Centrifugal pump with two impellers.

  • Ultimate Capacity

    Total capacity of water supply system, including residential and industrial consumption, available fire flow, and all other taxes on the system.

  • Total Pressure

    Total amount of pressure loss in a hose assembly due to friction loss in the hose and appliances, elevation losses, or any other factors.

  • Total Stopping Distance

    Sum of the driver/operator reaction distance and the vehicle braking distance.

  • Tower Ladder

    Term used to describe a telescoping aerial platform fire apparatus.

  • Traction

    Act of exerting a pulling force.

  • Tractor-Tiller Aerial Ladder

    Aerial ladder appartus that consists of a tractor power unit and trailer (tiller) section that contains the aerial ladder, ground ladders, and equipment storage areas. The trailer section is steered independently of the tractor by a person called the tiller Read on! →

  • Traffic Control Device

    Mechanical device that automatically changes traffic signal lights to favor the path of responding emergency apparatus.

  • Transfer Valve

    Valve used for placing multistage centrifugal pumps in volume or pressure operation.

  • Tandem Pumping

    Short relay operation in which the pumper taking water from the supply source pumps into the intake of the second pumper. The second pumper boosts the pressure of the water even higher. This method is used when pressures higher than Read on! →

  • Tanker

    (1) Also Mobile Water Supply Fire Apparatus. (2) In ICS terms, tanker refers to a water-transporting fixed-wing aircraft.