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  • Tanker

    (1) Also Mobile Water Supply Fire Apparatus. (2) In ICS terms, tanker refers to a water-transporting fixed-wing aircraft.

  • Tanker/Pumper

    A mobile water supply apparatus equipped with a fire pump. In some jurisdictions, this term is used to differentiate a fire pump equipped mobile water supply apparatus whose main purpose is to shuttle water.

  • Telescoping Aerial Platform Apparatus

    Type of aerial apparatus equipped with an elevating platform; also equipped with piping systems and nozzles for elevated master stream operations. These apparatus are not meant to be climbed and are equpped with a small ladder that is to be Read on! →

  • Telescoping Boom

    Aerial device raised and extended via sections that slide within each other.

  • Tender

    Term used within ICS for a mobile piece of apparatus that has the prmary function of supporting another operation. Examples include a water tender that suppies water to pumpers, a fuel tender that supplies fuel, etc.

  • Third-Party Testing Agency

    Independent agency hired to perform nonbiased testing on a specific piece of apparatus.

  • Threaded Coupling

    Male of female coupling with a spiral thread.

  • Throttle Control

    Device that controls the engine speed.

  • Storz Coupling

    Sexless coupling commonly found on large diameter hose.

  • Strainers

    Wire or other metal guards used to prevent debris from clogging the intake hose of fire pumps.

  • Tachometer

    Dashboard or pump panel gauge that measures the engine speed in revolutions per minute (rpm).

  • Tailboard

    Back step of fire apparatus.