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Nothing trumps the guidance provided to you by individuals that have already been down the road you want to travel. When you sign up for the Elite Candidate membership, you get valuable one-on-one time session with a mentor that will save you time & money by giving you personalized advice designed just for YOU.

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Train with a Purpose

Two things define career success: Having a goal, and executing the plan you set up to get you there.

By following the direction provided in our Career Planner, you can move forward in your career with confidence knowing there is a purpose for every step you take. By utilizing the steps in our unique Career Planner, along with FirefighterMedic mentorship, you will be at the head of class before you know it.

An Invaluable Resource

There are so many questions that you’ll have during your journey, where can you turn for an answer? In our Personal Development & Career Resource blog libraries you’ll find answers for all the things they never taught you in school. Fitting in to the culture of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services has never been more important, and these tips will help you avoid learning things the hard way…or not at all.